21 Examples Of “Applicable” In A Sentence

  1. This rule is applicable here.
  2. Applicable laws must be followed.
  3. The discount is applicable today.
  4. These principles are applicable globally.
  5. Is this policy applicable to interns?
  6. The deadline is applicable to everyone (The deadline applies to everyone.).
  7. Applicable taxes are not included.
  8. The policy is applicable across teams.
  9. This discount is applicable online.
  10. Applicable fees may apply.
  11. The dress code is applicable daily.
  12. The warranty is applicable for a year.
  13. Applicable standards are listed.
  14. The regulation is applicable nationwide.
  15. The offer is applicable to new customers (The offer applies to new customers.).
  16. Applicable permits are required.
  17. The guidelines are applicable to all staff. (The guidelines apply to all staff.)
  18. This policy is applicable company-wide.
  19. Applicable forms must be submitted.
  20. Applicable terms and conditions apply.
  21. Applicable restrictions are in place.