Prepositional Phrase

A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and usually ends with a noun or pronoun. Prepositions show relationships between other words in a sentence, indicating location, direction, time, or relationships.

The basic structure of a prepositional phrase is as follows:

  1. Preposition: The word that begins the phrase (e.g., in, on, under, between, among, beside, through, etc.).
  2. Object of the Preposition: The noun or pronoun that follows the preposition.

Here are a few examples of prepositional phrases:

  1. In the morning: In (preposition) + the morning (object of the preposition).
  2. Between the two buildings: Between (preposition) + the two buildings (object of the preposition).
  3. Under the table: Under (preposition) + the table (object of the preposition).
  4. With a smile: With (preposition) + a smile (object of the preposition).

Prepositional phrases provide additional information about the relationship between different elements in a sentence. They are commonly used to describe location, time, manner, etc.