Open Source Data Mining and Open Data Visualization

The Best & Verified Open-Source Data Mining Tools for Open Source Data Mining and Open Data Visualization

Open-source tools are in demand today because everyone knows they are good and have the potential to become the best. After all, they result from sincere effort, passion and motivation and not just a monthly pay-cheque. Also, data mining is a new concept in the industry, and commercial tools and methods are expensive, and thus, open-source tools are the second alternative at the moment.

Open-source tools do not have facilities for customer support, timely updates or fancy advertisements and offers. They are meant for developers and others who cannot afford a hole in their pockets but still want to get their job done.

Finding the most appropriate tool is essential. What is the degree of complexity? What is the amount of data we would handle? What kind of data would we deal with? Can the tool do open data visualization?

The most famous open-source data mining software is WEKA, initially a non-Java version but has seen a lot of development lately. This could be a starting point for some. The internet is, of course, the mountain of knowledge and there are many similar and/or better tools like Rapidminer, Orange, KNIME and NLTK.

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