5 Top AI / ML / Data Science services from Google Cloud (as of 2022)

I found various Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science related services from Google / Google Cloud. Here is a curated list.

Google AutoML

Google AutoML enables developers with limited machine learning expertise to train high-quality models specific to their business needs. Build a custom machine-learning model in minutes.

Google Vision AI

Google Vision AI is a fully managed development environment Vertex AI Vision to create computer vision applications or derive insights from images and videos with pre-trained APIs, AutoML, or custom models.

Google Contact Center AI

Google Contact centre AI is a human-like AI-powered contact centre software service, which lowers costs, and frees up human agents’ time.

Google Vertex AI – (AI for Data Scientists)

Google’s unified machine learning platform service to build, deploy and scale more effective AI models.

Google Cloud AI

The AI Platform training service from Google Cloud allows you to train models using various customization options.


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