Seminar topics and project ideas collaboration

Hello final year engineering students,

Time arrived to choose a seminar topic and project topic. At Collegelib, we have a team to help you for your college seminar topics and give guidance for project ideas. All students taking the same or similar topics can share their ideas at Collegelib forums.

Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Register for a FREE Collegelib account.
  2. After creating Collegelib account, login and go to your branch from forum index
  3. Open a new thread with your seminar topic or project idea as title
  4. Let every one know what you have found so special about that topic, write it down.
  5. Submit your topic, a Collegelib team member will review your topic before it appears on forums.
  6. Contribute as much as possible to other seminar topics and project ideas in forums by replying to those.
  7. The same way all other members can contribute to your thread by replying to your thread.
  8. Each student involved in the project/seminar should continue visiting your forum pages
  9. Reply your topics of interest through out the year
  10. This way, you will be up to date in your topic and share knowledge with other students.
Collegelib members and staff can make you more successful through online collaboration(helping each other) and make you an informative seminar presenter and successful project creator.

Best of luck for your Seminars and Projects.