Microsoft buying Nokia's phone business in a $7.2 billion to fight Apple, Google

Microsoft has agreed to buy Nokia's mobile business for $7.2 billion to fight Apple, Google
Source: AFP
I hope we have more competition in the market. However, I do not really like MS products.
I hope this too, 3DWaffle1! Although, I don't think that Microsoft will ever succeed to win Apple. As we all know, Apple has many good-looking and professional products which have a great quality. Microsoft is trying too much, but it should focus on Windows. I don't think that the latest version (8) is what we all wanted, am I right guys? :)
Nokia and Microsoft were great companies once.

Nokia was the name pops up in mind when we say mobile phone, and Microsoft Windows was the only thinkable Operating system.

They were great in their best time, if they do well, that can succeed.