Laser broadband from NASA, Seminar Abstract, Report

Laser Broadband From NASA Introducing A Cost Effective Commercial Satellite Communication
NASA introduced a process of hosting in a space through laser communication relay. Laser broadband from NASA presents a terminal payload to aboard a Loral satellite that will be launched in 2016. It will be the commercial satellite that provides size, power system and location to implement the space laser communication. Through this technology data rate potential increases to 100 times higher than the traditional way of radio frequency that have much less power and mass.

Laser Communication
Laser broadband is a mission that is based on one of the several flight demonstrations for the development. It introduced the potential to provide near term products, infuse high impact and tangibility to the NASA future. The technology will be demonstrated with payload by NASA that will be stationed above the equator at heights from the Loral spacecraft. It will be the prime location of the satellite to communicate with other satellites and ground stations.

Benefits Of Laser Communication
By this technology NASA is focusing to the commercial communication of the satellite to gain the access to the space faster as well as at the lower cost. It will be highly beneficial in future like using the broadband which is faster than dial-up services on the internet.

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