Adding intelligence to internet using satellites abstract,Seminar Report

An Introduction,Adding intelligence to internet using satellites

The internet is definitely one of the most amazing inventions of this century. The internet is a way of connecting devices in this world. There are however, certain improvements that can be done to take this invention further. This internet can be made smart in order to perform other tasks along with connecting devices. There are many ways being tried to make internet intelligent. Semantic technologies are being used at various levels to make internet intelligent.This makes the computer perform better for its users. Semantic technologies enable devices to understand concepts instead of merely displaying the things on the screen. These concepts can be used to provide customized search results.

Intelligent internet also makes use of satellite networks to connect devices. Satellite modems are used in this type of internet. Satellites have features like web caching and monitoring. Machine learning is also an important aspect of intelligent internet. Intelligent machines should be used to cater the changing needs of people. These intelligent machines can share data with each other and improve the user experience considerably. These types of enhancements are being used today on experimental basis. This is a modern approach to better the internet we use today. These technologies can result in the formation of new and smart way of connecting and sharing data and devices.

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