How to convince an employer to hire you with no experience?

How to convince an employer to hire you with no experience?
Follow the following points for a better fresher interview!

1. Since you are a fresher, you will be judged on the basis of your resume. Build your resume effectively by highlighting your achievements and presenting yourself in a better way.

2. Be confident during the interview. Good language and tone are the aspects which one notices immediately during a conversation.

3. Nervousness, although understandable, can lead to a bad impression. Dress formally and maintain a soft demeanor.

4. You should have other qualities besides your academics. You should emulate a feeling of a hard working, cooperative and talented individual.

5. Do not sound too particular about your requirements from the job. Too many suggestions and demands give an impression of a person not suitable for working well with others.

6. Since you have no experience, your presentation skills matter a lot. Present yourself as a vibrant person who likes to work. Be open to adjustments.

7. Make sure that you have extra-curricular achievements. This helps in interviews.

8. Show other certificates of other exams or courses related to your academic studies. International certifications and qualifications to make a good amount of difference.

9. Do not hesitate to compromise on salaries. There may be a money issue while hiring employees. In such a case, there is no harm in reducing your expected salary.

10. Get an idea of the desired candidate for the job you are applying. Take into account the qualities you have matching for the job. Present those qualities and convince the interviewer that you are well suited for the job.
Recruiters are absolutely looking for talented people, bresh up your project information, all related technologies, prpgramming languages and databases.
If you are knowledgeable about your project, the potential is high, they shall hire you.