Active Electronically Controlled Suspension System Seminar report, Abstract

Active Electronically Controlled Suspension System (ECASS) an introduction.
Active electronically controlled suspension is an automotive suspension. It is especially used to control the wheel movement vertically. It is used by the car manufacturers for better traction and vehicle control.

[Image: active_electronically_controlled_supension_system.png]

Types Of Active Suspension
There are two types of active suspension which are
  • Pure active suspension
  • Semi active suspension

Pure Active Suspension
Pure Active Suspension uses separate actuators. This separate actuators are to improve the riding quality of the vehicle. The demerits of this is the cost, this is very expensive and also need frequent maintenance. It has two controls which are the Hydraulic actuated and the electromagnetic recuperative. Hydraulic actuated suspensions are controlled by the hydraulic servomechanism. Electromagnetic suspension is by the linear electromagnetic motors. And it also has the self leveling suspension and height adjustable suspension.

Semi Active Suspension
Semi active suspension is specially for the viscous damping coefficient changes. And it is for the shock absorber. Its major advantage is its cost, which is very economical. It has two controls which are solenoid actuated and magneto rheological damper. This solenoid air valve actuated are mainly for change the flow of hydraulic medium. Hydraulic medium is present in the shock absorber. The magneto rheological damper is mainly for increasing the compression or rebound rates.

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