Android applications for mechanical engineers

Mechanical Engineering Mag:
New and improved issue show for easy access to back problems
- Redesigned Library screen
- Improved performance across all devices
- Crash fixes
- Jellybean support for applicable devices

The Engineering Cookbook:
It is a free convenient reference guide for mechanical designers. It provides fingertip access to oft required data, including:
Heating and Cooling Load Estimating
Sound and Vibration pointers
Ventilation Rates for Indoor Air Quality
Style Formulas and Conversion Factors

Engineering Unit Converter:
It is a free comprehensive engineering unit device with an easy computer program. Select a class like length, energy, entropy, charge, etc., from the list. The obtainable units seem in 2 spinning wheels. Spin the wheels to pick out From Unit and To Unit. You'll be able to modification the input worth within the yellow field.

Mechanical Engineering APP:
Mechanical Engineering APP is the ultimate android applicationa for all mechanical engineers
With this FREE APP, you may get the newest engineering science news, videos,
Calculators, and far more!

Mechanical Engineering 101:
The app provides:
1. Snack sized chapters for straightforward learning.
2. Bite sized flashcards to con key ideas.
3. Designed for every student and adult.
4. This app provides a fast outline of essential ideas in engineering science.
Sad that apps for Android phones alone comes out. There are n no of mobile OS and it would be great if developers come out with apps for these OS's too. Which will enable many people to make use of these cool softwares for studies and other purpose :)
what are the popular apps for mechanical engineers in 2020?