7 Points for Better Speech Writing

7 points for a better Speech Writing (image is for representation purposes only)

Here, you have 7 points you may consider to set a clear scope of your speech writing.

  1. Purpose of the Speech: What is the main goal or purpose of the speech? Is it to inform, persuade, entertain, motivate, or something else?
  2. Audience: Who will be the audience for the speech? Consider their interests, background, and any specific expectations they may have.
  3. Key Message: What is the main message or takeaway you want the audience to remember from the speech?
  4. Tone and Style: What tone do you want to convey? Is it formal, informal, inspirational, conversational, etc.?
  5. Length: How long should the speech be? Consider the time constraints for the event.
  6. Key Points or Topics: Are there specific points or topics you want to cover in the speech?
  7. Personal Stories or Examples: Are there any personal stories, anecdotes, or examples you’d like to include to make the speech more engaging?

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