100 Python programs to practice

Here are some Python programming exercises that you can use to practice your coding skills:

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  1. FizzBuzz: Print numbers from 1 to 100, replace multiples of 3 with “Fizz,” multiples of 5 with “Buzz,” and multiples of both with “FizzBuzz.”
  2. Factorial Calculator: Calculate the factorial of a given positive integer.
  3. Palindrome Checker: Determine whether a given string is a palindrome.
  4. Prime Number Detector: Check if a given number is prime.
  5. Fibonacci Sequence Generator: Generate the first n numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.
  6. List Comprehensions Examples: Create new lists using concise list comprehension syntax.
  7. String Reversal: Reverse a given string.
  8. Anagram Checker: Check if two strings are anagrams of each other.
  9. Duplicate Remover for Lists: Remove duplicates from a list while preserving order.
  10. Sum of Digits Calculator: Calculate the sum of the digits of a positive integer.
  11. Vowel and Consonant Counter: Count the number of vowels and consonants in a string.
  12. Guess the Number Game: Implement a simple number-guessing game.
  13. Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter: Convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  14. Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter: Convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  15. Calculator App: Perform basic arithmetic operations.
  16. To-Do List Application: Manage tasks and to-do items.
  17. Simple Alarm Clock: Set alarms with customizable sounds.
  18. Basic Calculator with GUI: Create a graphical calculator interface.
  19. Currency Converter: Convert between different currencies.
  20. Rock-Paper-Scissors Game: Implement the classic rock-paper-scissors game.
  21. Number Guessing Game with GUI: Using a graphical interface, guess a number within a range.
  22. Basic Text Editor: Create a simple text editing application.
  23. Random Password Generator: Generate random passwords with specified criteria.
  24. Hangman Game: Play the Hangman word guessing game.
  25. Simple Tic-Tac-Toe Game: Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.
  26. Countdown Timer: Set and display countdown timers.
  27. Web Scraping Tool: Extract data from websites.
  28. Basic Unit Converter: Convert between various units (length, weight, etc.).
  29. BMI Calculator: Calculate Body Mass Index.
  30. Palindrome Sentence Checker: Check if a sentence is a palindrome.
  31. Contact Book Application: Manage a list of contacts.
  32. File Renamer Tool: Batch renames files in a directory.
  33. File Size Analyzer: Calculate and analyze file sizes.
  34. Password Strength Checker: Evaluate the strength of passwords.
  35. Random Quote Generator: Display random inspirational quotes.
  36. Morse Code Translator: Translate text to Morse code.
  37. Number to Words Converter: Convert numbers to words.
  38. Basic Stopwatch: Implement a simple stopwatch.
  39. Currency Exchange Rate Tracker: Track and display currency exchange rates.
  40. Simple Calendar App: Display a monthly calendar.
  41. Basic Music Player: Play and control music files.
  42. Quiz App: Create interactive quizzes with questions and answers.
  43. Basic Drawing Program: Draw shapes and lines on a canvas.
  44. Sudoku Solver: Solve Sudoku puzzles programmatically.
  45. Basic Paint Application: Implement a simple paint program.
  46. Text Adventure Game: Build a text-based adventure game.
  47. Basic Calculator with Reverse Polish Notation (RPN): Implement a RPN notation calculator.
  48. Basic Blogging Platform: Create and manage blog posts.
  49. Number System Converter: Convert numbers between binary, decimal, and hexadecimal.
  50. Web URL Shortener: Create a tool to shorten long URLs.
  51. Basic Web Browser: Create a simple web browsing interface.
  52. Basic Chat Application: Implement a basic chat room.
  53. Basic Drawing Program: Draw shapes and lines on a canvas.
  54. Countdown Timer with GUI: Set and display countdown timers using a graphical interface.
  55. Simple Contact Manager: Manage and search contacts with a user-friendly interface.
  56. URL Validator: Validate URLs for correctness.
  57. Password Manager: Store and manage passwords securely.
  58. E-commerce Product Listing App: List and display products for an online store.
  59. Basic Calculator with History: Implement a calculator with a history feature.
  60. Currency Exchange Rate Calculator: Calculate currency exchange rates with historical data.
  61. Simple Expense Tracker: Track and categorize personal expenses.
  62. Text-to-Speech Converter: Convert text into spoken words.
  63. Simple Video Player: Play video files with basic controls.
  64. Weather Forecasting App: Display weather forecasts for specified locations.
  65. Alarm Clock with Different Tones: Set alarms with customizable tones.
  66. Note-taking Application: Create and manage notes with titles and content.
  67. Basic Calculator with Voice Input: Implement a calculator that takes voice input.
  68. Book Library Management System: Manage a library of books with borrowing records.
  69. File Encryption and Decryption Tool: Encrypt and decrypt files using various algorithms.
  70. Basic Image Editor: Perform basic image editing operations.
  71. QR Code Generator: Generate QR codes for URLs and text.
  72. Barcode Scanner: Scan and decode barcode images.
  73. Music Playlist Manager: Create and manage playlists of music tracks.
  74. Movie Recommendation System: Suggest movies based on user preferences.
  75. Digital Clock with Time Zones: Display digital clocks for different time zones.
  76. Hangman Game with GUI: Play Hangman with a graphical user interface.
  77. Sudoku Game with GUI: Play Sudoku puzzles using a graphical interface.
  78. Primary Password Generator: Generate random passwords with specified length and complexity.
  79. Basic Calculator with Customizable Themes: Create a calculator with user-selectable themes.
  80. Social Media Post Scheduler: Schedule and publish posts on social media platforms.
  81. Passwordless Login System: Implement login using biometric authentication.
  82. Basic Audio Recorder: Record and save audio snippets.
  83. Basic Video Recorder: Record and save short video clips.
  84. Language Translator: Translate text between different languages.
  85. Basic Budget Tracker: Track income and expenses to manage a budget.
  86. ASCII Art Generator: Convert images to ASCII art representations.
  87. Chatbot: Build a basic chatbot that responds to user inputs.
  88. Basic Encryption and Decryption Tool: Encrypt and decrypt text using simple algorithms.
  89. Morse Code Flashlight App: Emit Morse code signals using a flashlight.
  90. Polling App: Create and manage polls for collecting user opinions.
  91. Basic Blog Aggregator: Aggregate and display recent blog posts from various sources.
  92. Basic Contact Form for Websites: Implement a simple contact form for websites.
  93. Basic Music Equalizer: Implement a simple music equalizer with adjustable frequencies.
  94. Basic Image Resizer: Resize and save images with user-defined dimensions.
  95. ASCII Code Viewer: Display ASCII codes and corresponding characters.
  96. Periodic Table App: Display information about chemical elements from the periodic table.
  97. Note-taking App with Markdown Support: Create and manage notes using Markdown formatting.
  98. Calendar App with Event Reminders: Manage events and receive reminders.
  99. Webpage Screenshot Tool: Capture screenshots of webpages and save them as images.
  100. Minimalistic Personal Website Generator: Generate a simple personal website with basic information.

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Remember that practising regularly and tackling various problems can help improve your coding skills. You can also challenge yourself by trying complex problems, exploring data structures and algorithms, and working on real-world projects.