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Engineering entrance exam preparation tips

Offline Surya 19-02-2014, 05:58 AM
All of us work hard to get good marks. We can score well if we work hard suitably. There are some basic points which an engineering student must consider if he writes any exam. The student should try to study all the subjects mentioned in their curriculum. They should attend all the lectures from the first day. They should put equal efforts in learning all the subjects. Many students avoid learning all the subjects. They usually study those subjects which they find easy. Usually most of the students struggle with the mathematics syllabus.

Besides mathematics the subjects of physics are also difficult to learn. In most of the universities the subject of mathematics is included in three different semesters of engineering. The first year of engineering is a blend of all engineering branches. The different subjects include mathematics, engineering drawing etc. Generally from the second year the students come across their core subjects. Here are certain tips which will help a student to score well and get admission in a good engineering college.

Practice mathematics regularly.

Learn physics seriously. A student must build good concepts with ray optics.

While you write the exam give equal time to all the problems.

Devote equal time in learning physics, chemistry and mathematics.

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Offline Saraniya 06-02-2015, 02:42 PM
Along with hard work, have some smart work!
Plan well before you start studying, what to study today, complete it as per the plan, success guaranteed.

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