Tablet web browser comparison 2015 (The best tablet browser for Android 2015)

I am curious, I have been trying various browsers in my tablet, from the default tablet browser to Google Chrome. I am frustrated with the performance of the most web browsers out there, One is fast enough, but having less features, other one is having a lot of features, but very slow, fast and feature full one eats up my complete mobile memory. Have you come across this situation? Which is the best web browser for tablets?
UC Browser has a feature to take screen capture, also it allows to select the area while capturing.
I see if I use a web upload form, it automatically shows many options including camera. I am much worried about the permissions it asks while installing.
Here is a list of 8 browsers I have tried, I am happy with FireFox Mobile, it is fast enough.
CM Browser
Firefox Browser (Mozilla)
Google Chrome Browser
Ligntining Browser
Opera (Opera mini)
UC Browser
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Chrome is relatively faster than any other tablet browser in my experience, I use a Samsung tab, there may be any hardware acceleration or, Google and Samsung know each other..
UC Browser, simple interface and fast, but I do not like the annoying home page advertisement some times pop up when I launch the browser