Safety and Security in Automobile Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Safety and Security in Automobile
We all enjoy driving vehicles. But there are certain safety and security concerns about which you must be aware while driving an automobile. The biggest concern is with the braking system on the vehicle. If your vehicle is old now then you must get the braking system checked frequently. After a certain wear and tear of the breaking mechanism, the breaking distance will also further increase. The vehicles will not respond to your breaking efforts properly. You may even experience late breaking. The modern automobiles have a new mechanism to ensure perfect braking mechanism. The modern braking system in automobiles uses an ABS braking system.

The ABS braking system is popularly known as Anti lock braking sensor mechanism. This breaking sensor ensures much more safety than the conventional breaks. Another important concern is with the tires. You must get your tire replaced after a certain amount of time to ensure the best safety and security. The security of your automobile can be increased by proper installation of anti theft mechanisms. Modern anti theft systems provide an immediate response if somebody tries to get your vehicle without your consent. These sensors detect any unusual activity with your vehicle and raise an alarm immediately.

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