Money Pad Future Wallet. Seminar topic abstract, report.

Money Pad Future Wallet, an introduction.
The money pad is a way of bank cards or intelligent cards used to provide protected e-transactions. This is a way of electronic cash which uses biometrics authentication technology. The Money Pad is used by the customer by providing his handy create impact on the scanning device and it information the thumbs opinions. A attractive hard drive is used for saving the thumbs impact information and it contains the lender rule information etc.

The customer has to place he thumbs impact on the scanning device and it assessments information from the platform hosting server and if it is correct then he is permitted to type his account number and the security password and after the effective achievement he is permitted to make the further dealings. The precision of the Money Pad is measured based on the incorrect agree to amount and being rejected amount.

The Money Pad uses the most protected security and decryption methods for making the online dealings. The Money Pad allows the immediate cleaning of the resources and it functions like a digital cash. This prevents the hassle of the restoration and can be used in m business and bring out distant dealings in an easier way.

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