Wireless and Radio communication related project topics

Here are some Wireless/ radio related topics
An Intelligent Voice Recognition & Interpretation Device with wireless connectivity of Sales Terminal
Automatic door control system
Automatic Radio Tuning from the system
Autonomous Fire & Security Patrol Vehicle with wireless transmission
Biomedical monitoring system
Centralized Monitoring system for call taxies
Centralized wireless networking for Corporate
Cryptographic Secured Communication for Military Applications
Design of a Java-based Webcam Monitoring System for an industrial
Full Duplex PC to PC Communication
Intelligent Controller for oil wells
Internet controller for Textile plant
Long range contact less ID card system
Multimedia Proxy For Wireless Internet
Remote Control of home appliances through SMS
Remote control via the Internet
Remote Controlled dish antenna positioned
Remote Controlled Solar Tracking System
Remote Controlled Toy
Remote Process Monitoring through SMS
Remote Switching system for Home Appliances
Remote VCD Program Control with mobile phone
RFID based Attendance system
RFID based Banking system
RFID based Security system
RFID based Smart card system
Shortwave Radio
Vehicle Tracking System using GPS
VHF Band Frequency Synthesizer
Video and Audio Transmitter
Video Signal transmitter
Wireless Attendance Register
Wireless Audio Communication System
Wireless controlled Intelligent baby bed
Wireless controller cum internet controller
Wireless Class room monitoring system
Wireless Controller for Knitting machine
Wireless Controller for offset printing machine
Wireless ECG monitor
Wireless Energy Monitor for Power substations
Wireless Keyboard
Wireless LAN
Wireless Locomotive Control using Digital Railway System
Wireless Monitoring of Electrical Parameters with PC
Wireless Motion Detection Application for Digital Video
Wireless Motor Monitoring system
Wireless Mouse Control
Wireless Printer
Wireless Process Controller
Wireless Robot
Wireless Security system for apartments
Wireless taxi Monitoring system
Wireless Video Conferencing System
Wireless Voting machine
WWV Receiver
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It would be wise to include computer programming in your wireless radio project. Recently, I prepared an article on FM radio transmitter project using Raspberry Pi
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