Mashup, A Web Application Hybrid Technology

An introduction to Mashup, A Web Application Hybrid
A mashup is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of web. It is seen as an interesting development in empowering web developers. Mashup involves integration of contents of various web pages to form a new single service. Such a thing is used in many websites and web pages. Mashups are the pioneers in the idea of social software and Web 2.0. Mashups ensure easy and fast combining of data from various places to form a new entity. This greatly helps web developers and overall betters the web experience. It helps in providing better information to the users according to their needs.

Mashups are generally client applications.  They can also be hosted online. There is an open application programming interface (API) used for the purpose of building mashups. There are many types of mashups depending on who it is for. Business mashups and consumer mashups are some examples of mashups aimed at different users. Integrating data in mashups can be a challenging job. The various formats of data should be combined together. For this purpose, XML is mostly used, as it can work around the different data types. HTML may also be used instead. Overall, Mashup provides a powerful way of providing useful information effectively.

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