Voice XML Seminar Report, Abstract

Voice XML, an introduction

Voice XML offers an agenda for creating standard based voice applications that supports speech synthesis, dialogue management and much more. Benefactors, by conveying mechanized voice services using a language like Voice XML, may open up new Web services to customers with the use of voice crossing point, like telephone. The makers of the voice services can develop automated voice services using technology through which they developed visual Web sites. Voice XML is designed in such a way so that it can be used for crafting audio dialogues that consists of blended speech, digitized audio, and acknowledgement of spoken and DTMF key input and much more. The main aim of Voice XML is to fetch the benefits of Web based creation and delivery of content to communicative voice response applications.

Benefits of Voice XML
  • Hardware and professional service costs are available at low cost using Voice XML.
  • Faster application expansion and disposition with the better use of Voice XML.
  • Considerable saving in time and cost by developing, modifying and personalizing Voice XML applications.
  • Instead of employing specialized developers companies can influence internal resources.
  • Programming task can be completely signified with the help of Voice XML.
  • It will be at ease when managed and maintained at less cost effectively two different infrastructures i.e. one for Web access and the other for phone access into one single internet based infrastructure.

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