Speed protocol processor, seminar report, abstract (speed control processor)

SPEED PROTOCOL PROCESSOR(Speed control processor), an introduction

Transferring of data takes place by special purpose hardware and anomalous data transfer is carried on by general purpose microprocessor. For this purpose it was anticipated to introduce a high speed protocol processor for gateways. Than the process of evaluating performance and its effect was initialized by manufacturing a high speed protocol processor which performs Open System Interconnection layers two to four. In the experimental system the protocol processing time for normal data transfer is 1/12 that of the conventional system on the transmission side and 1/7 of the conventional system on the reception side. Through this testing it is clarified that the application of high speed protocol processor in protocol converting gateways is useful to a large extent in uplifting efficiency and performance.

Due to a hasty boost in the transmission bandwidth of optical networks there has been a jam in protocol processing at the congregation systems. HTPNET a performance transport protocol which is made and designed to develop an embryonic characteristics of high speed networks. Most importantly, the extremely parallel architecture of HTPNET makes an appropriate platform for the parallel accomplishment of presentation processing, which leads to increment in expenses.

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