Google cloud print, Online Printing, Share printer with friends

Google Cloud Print
Google Cloud Print is an extension of Cloud Computing technology, where a user can connect printer virtually to any computer or mobile device connected to internet. Google Cloud Print support ranges from Windows or Linux desktop, or laptops, tablets, Windows phones or android (Google Cloud Print App and Easy Print app) phones, virtually any device that has an active internet connection. Windows PC and MAC required Cloud Printer (Cloud Printer) By getting a virtual printer from your mobile device, your printing jobs become so easy, it can be your Engineering study materials or brochure printing or the greatest pictures you clicked last week.

Online Printing
All you need to have is a device with internet connection and a supported printer, like Canon. or Epson. Complete list of Cloud printing supported printers can be found here: Cloud Ready Printers

Sharing your printer with friends online
You can let your friends use any printer you connected to Google Cloud Print, as long as they also have Google Accounts. Google Cloud Print allows you to share printers with friends or family as easily as you share a file in Gmail. With Google Cloud Print, you can securely share printers with a single click, directly from your Google account. You can also track print jobs on your shared printers, and modify or revoke sharing rights at any time. To learn more about sharing printers, read this Cloud print document

Reference: Google Cloud Print introduction
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