Gas Welding / Oxyacetylene Welding, Seminar Topic Abstract, Report

Most Important Type Of Gas Welding
Oxyacetylene welding is the most important type of gas welding. It is most commonly used and is hence synonymous with gas welding. By using this method, mild steel is permanently joined together. It is used to join mild steel parts in an effective way. Thus, oxyacetylene welding is used widely. In this method, a mixture of oxygen and acetylene are mixed together. This results in the burning of the mixture giving out an intense flame. This flame is then used to join mild steel parts. With the mixture comes in contact with the steel surface, it melts the steel and forms a molten pool. This makes welding possible. This method can also be used for other purposes like brazing and cutting.
More About Oxyacetylene
This method is also known by the name of oxyfuel welding. It is used in industries for welding pipes and tubes. The instruments used for this welding are inexpensive. This is another reason for the success of this welding method. The temperature of the flame is about 3100 degree Celsius. In order to cut metals, some changes are made to the apparatus and the process. This changed process is known as oxyfuel cutting.

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