5G mobile internet with a broadband speed of 1Tbps! You should know about it now.

5GIC, the department of 5G innovation center, university of Surrey, achieved an unimaginable internet speed over 5G, one terrabit per second. This technology would be demonstrated to public in 2018, according to 5GIC.

How 5G can give 1TB internet speed?
5G technology uses the SHF/Microwave communication frequency band(Super High Frequency 3-30GHz). SHF is the highest frequency band, that can be used for long distance terrestrial communication. The advantage here is, SHF can support large bandwidth, the right spot for large internet carrying channel.
The wavelength of SHF is 1 to 10cm. SHF falls within microwave band.

Current uses of SHF band
Radar, satellite, wireless LAN

5G technology in practice, expected to give an internet speed ranging from 10-50Gbps.

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