12 Resume tips

1. Make sure that it is clearly stated how to contact you. Your e-mail (that you check often), mobile phone (that is open most of the time) home phone (if you have an answering machine make sure you check it often), should be easy to find, and bold.
2. Check for spelling mistakes; don't rely only on your computers spell checker.
3. Make your words count. Make sure you use strong wording to describe yourself. Don't be too modest.
4. Try to figure out for the ad/advertisement what the employer is looking for. Try to change a few words to custom fit the resume to the job add.
5. When you state your work experience, state a problem that existed at your old workplace, and state how you were able to solve it. Don't be shy.
6. Don't make your resume too long. 1-2 pages is good for most people.
7. Clearly state your information, don't babble on, and on.
8. It is a good idea, if you are worried that you are to old to get hired, then only state the last 10 to 15 years of your work experience. That way the employer doesn't know how long you have been in the job market.
9. Don't list your personal hobbies, unless it is directly related to the job that you are applying for.
10. It is a good idea to state your profession on the top of your resumes, in dark letters so the employer can see that you do fit the job.
11. Don't lie on your resume, but you can highlight all your skills' and abilities'.
12. Don't state anything negative on your resume.
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Thanks, I try to write better resume with these tips
Those are some good tips. I have been meaning to update my resume recently and so I will use these tips :)
Thank you for giving valuable tips. I would appreciate more if you attach a sample resume. As I just finished my final semester examinations, I am also looking to prepare a resume.
Great tips, I tried writing my resume recently, but stopped because I was only applying for entry-level jobs. The problem is I don't have any work-experience, but rather only volunteer-experience and awards I've received at school. Can I put that down under experience and awards? Otherwise I'd only have Contact information and my education..