12 Resume tips

Do you think you could also add some pointers for college students writing/creating their resume? Like if your GPA is below this then do not list it, make sure to include school groups, your involvement and what roles you filled, etc.. These are great tips and I would love to see it expanded to help everyone on the road to engineering or for those who have already succeeded in the career.
Good points, I would add an important point my senior students told me.

This require a very early planning. Give high importance while choosing your seminar topic and project. Choose a very latest technology for both of these, at the end of the day, these two will become crucial phrases in your resume.
Yes, clearly mention what was your final year seminar topic and project in your resume, and be prepared to explain it well.
@Amit, that is a very good point to add to resume, thanks for that.
Let me say, while selecting a project, one should consider their technology of interest as well. This matters when the interviewer shortlist candidates depending up on their interests and project topic written on candidate's resume.
Hello, what is the latest trend in resume? Which format you all are prepared yours?
Would it be in PDF or docx or in latex pdf format?