10 part time job ideas for Engineering College students

College is the time when you feel the urge making some money while studying. I will tell you 10 part time job ideas for Engineering College students, here are some tips to earn money during your college days

1.Take tuition classes on the subjects you have learned before and are good at. You can take classes on Sundays or weekends according to your choice.

2. Teach things which you are good at. These include drawing, painting, sketching, crafts, and musical instruments and so on.

3. Freelance from home. You can write or do data entry from home in part time. You can also become a writer in Collegelib.com, (Contact us) where you can help thousands of engineers with latest technologies and ideas.

4. If you can handle, babysit kids on weekends. This job is easy if you are used to handling kids. It does not take a very long time of your day and can earn you good money.

5. Assist your friends or relatives in their work and get a share of their money. People who have menial jobs can hire you in return of money.

6. Find jobs like an assistant or sidekick to people managing things. An internship is difficult but one can try.

7. Learn things which are in demand but relatively easy to do like data management, web designing, android app development and so on. Knowledge in these fields will help in getting good small jobs.

8. Projects are an important part of college life. One can assist junior students in their projects or do their projects on their behalf and charge them for the service.

9. Find out places where you will need to work on weekends only or when you are free. The library is a place where one can work and study at the same. Bookkeeping is a good job to do part time.

10. There are jobs where one is not required to go every day. Do such jobs like assembling desktops, network repairer, computer repairer, installing software and so on.

Remember, even though making money part time is a good idea, your focus on the core study materials must not affect. Focus on your studies well, if you have extra time, then only go for additional activities. Best regards...

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I like the first point,.
Take tuition classes for junior students of your branch, this can give you a pocket money and value add of improving your subject matter knowledge.