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Automatic solar tracker. Solar tracking system abstract, seminar report

Offline Kishore 27-06-2013, 07:40 PM
Solar tracking system or Automatic solar tracker, an Introduction
The purpose of the Automatic Solar Tracker (Solar Tracking System) is to follow the sun from dawn, throughout the day, till evening and again from dawn next day. The process goes on. When there are clouds in the sky, it tracks the sun once it gets out of it.

Automatic solar tracker Components Description
The major part of this electronics system is the micro controller. All the operations are controlled by it. With the help of micro controller, you can align the solar panel according to the intensity of the sunlight. Another component is the rechargeable battery which is used to store energy which is received from the panel. The purpose of the charge control is to control the charging of the battery. Micro controller unit receives the status of the battery by the charge control unit. It has two sensors, each made up of LDR. Four LDRs constitute one unit and are placed at the four corners of the panel. LDR senses the intensity of sunlight and controller receives the output. Control unit decides in which direction the panel has to be rotated to get maximum sunlight. Another unit of the sensor also consists of LDRs and used for the control of lightning load. The panel can be rotated in the desired direction by the server motor.

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