Wireless Home Security System Seminar Abstract, Report

Get Your Home Secure In The Most Hi-Tech Way
Wireless home security systems are the high tech and convenient systems which connect wireless and ensure real time detection and signalling of the threat to the house. For detection of the change in the status or surroundings, they make use of motion sensors, glass break sensors or some type of rays. The modern systems, mostly use sensors to detect these changes. To announce intrusion to the desired people, various means like alarms, bells or a message over a device like a cell phone is used. This helps in the quick discovery of the intrusion and can help in avoiding further damage. These various parts of the security system can be tied together wireless.

This is done by using a transmitter in every device. This enables smooth communication between them and thus helps quick transfer of essential information. Various mediums for interconnection are available like the internet, Bluetooth or infrared rays (IR). Wireless communication may be applied to intercommunicate with the device on which the receiver will receive a message or it can be used by the various devices to connect to the central panel which will then send a signal to the receiver. Many security systems are now developed to be web enabled.

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