Witricity (WIRELESS ELECTRICITY) Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Witricity (WIRELESS ELECTRICITY)
Witricity or wireless electricity is the method of transmission of electricity without the use of man-made conductors. This is a modern and hi-tech way of transmitting electrical energy. It is mostly used in cases when it is difficult or impossible to transfer electricity using traditional methods. Generally conducting wires are used to transmit electricity over an area. One of the most common ways of achieving wireless transmission of electricity is direct induction and resonant magnetic induction. There are other ways of achieving this too, like electrical conduction and electromagnetic radiation. In direct induction, two conductors are coupled such that changes in current in one conductor induces voltage in the other conductor.

This happens due to electromagnetic induction. Transformers use this method. In resonant magnetic induction, the energy is transferred between two wires which are tuned at the same frequency. The machine used for this purpose is known as resonance transformer. These two methods done in the given order help in transmission of electricity in wireless fashion. Electromagnetic radiations used are microwaves or lasers. Electromagnetic induction can also be used for wireless transmission. It can be magnetic or capacitive in nature. Capacitive coupling is also known as an electrostatic induction method. With laser or microwave method, power transmission can be made more directional.

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