Virtual Manufacturing (3D technology) Seminar Topic

What Is Virtual Manufacturing?
Virtual manufacturing involves the use of simulations and computer generated models to design and develop a prototype of the thing which is to be manufactured. This is a step during the planning stage before the actual manufacturing. Modern technology makes it possible to make a simulation of the product to be manufactured. This gives a good rough idea about the product. It also helps in making decisions regarding the future steps. Due to all these advantages, virtual manufacturing is a very useful process. It has been incorporated by many factories.

Virtual Manufacturing Technology
In virtual manufacturing, the designers make use of 3D technology. Three dimensional models of the product are created to get a clear idea of its appearance. These models can be studied to know more about the length, height and other parameters. It is easy to make changes to these models make altering some of the input. They're dedicated machines for making these models. An automobile designing is the best example of a field where virtual manufacturing is done. CAD/CAM is the software used for making these simulations. They produce the simulations in a very short period of time. Virtual manufacturing is fast becoming a necessity.

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