Top50 Final Year and Third Year Projects for Mechanical Engineering (Project ideas)

Here is a collection of top rated 50 Mechanical Engineering Project ideas.
Airflow Control Valve for use in Medical Applications
Analysis of the propeller shaft program at Volvo Construction Equipment
Analysis of the Z-wing configuration
Assessment of Humidity Management Effects on PEM Fuel Cell Performance
Buoyancy Shoe
Characterization of Polypyrrole / Gold Bilayers for Micro-valve Design
Concept design of an Ultra-light Industrial Robot
Conceptual understanding and the use of Hand-Sketching in Mechanical Engineering Design
Design and Construction of a Small Ammonia Heat Pump
Design of Solar Powered Vapour Absorption System
Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of a Snake-Like Robot with a Rectilinear Gait
Design, Verification and Manufacturing of a New Binding System for Crampons
Development and integration of a control system for flexible grippers
Development of Model for Large-Bore Engine Cooling Systems
Effects of Mach Cruise Number on Conventional Civil Jet Aircraft Sizing
Electric Bicycle Design
Energy Efficiency in Food-Service Facilities
Evaluating new Pilot Stage Concept
Evaluation of a New Measurement Method for Tire/Road Noise
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of a High Performance Co-Flow Jet Airfoil
Experimental Study on PEO Polymer Electrolyte Based All-Solid-State Supercapacitor
Forging Material Handling System
Heat Transfer Correlations for Gas Turbine Cooling
Ignition, Combustion and Tuning of Nanocomposite Thermites
In-Mold Assembly of Multi-Functional Structures
Investigation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Pool Coolability
Life Consumption Monitoring for Electronics
Mass Transfer and GDL Electric Resistance in PEM Fuel Cells
Method Development for Investigation of Real Effects on flow around Vanes
Microturbo pump Utilizing Microball Bearings
Minimizing of Drain Leakage on a Scania Retarder
Model Based Diagnosis of an Air Source Heat Pump
Modularised Passenger Seats
Multi-objective Optimization of Solar Assisted Absorption Cooling System
New Interface for Rapid Feedback Control on ABB-Robots
Overview of Vapor Absorption Cooling Systems
Performance of 16 Cylinder BG Locomotive By the Modifications in the Fuel Oil System
Physics based Modeling and Control of Reactive Extrusion
Power Generation from Railway Track
Radial Piston Engine
Rapid Polymer Prototyping for Low Cost and Robust Micro Robots
Simulation of Residual Stresses in Castings
Solar Absorption Refrigeration System Using New Working Fluid Pairs
Solar Energy for Cooling and Refrigeration
Solar Energy to Drive Half-Effect Absorption Cooling System
Study of 3-Dimensional Co-Flow Jet Airplane and High-Rise Building Flow Using CFD Simulation
Study of Hydraulics System & Development of Oil Conservation Methods in MMSM of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
Theoretical Studies of Plasma Detachment in the Vasimr Magnetic Nozzle
Vibro Acoustic analysis of a satellite reflector antenna using FEM
Voice Controlled Robot