Things to take care of before joining a Training In Embedded System and Robotics:

Embedded is a growing market for Electronics aspirants now a days, and in future there will be plenty of opportunities for Students who opt for Embedded courses. However By the time there are very few institutes which offer specialized courses in Embedded System and Robotics. Students get confused and mostly are in dilemna which institute to join for the training, where they can get into the depth of the technology and get a detailed knowledge and learning about it.

Most of the students join a training institute for the training at very expensive cost, and after the training they find Return on Investment (ROI) is zero, these institutes are lacking in few things as:

Training Content: The course content of the institutes is not updated as per the industry requirements, they offer quiet older version of the content, and once students are done with the training program they realize this thing. Therefore students should look into the course content before joining the training program, whether its suitable for them or not.

Practical Exposure: Many institute offer only theory classes on Embedded System and Robotics, However this technology needs more practical approach rather than theory, Students should be given full liberty to work on the Kits as per their choice and if something goes wrong traininer should make him underastand about it. Therefore before joining a training program students should pay attention at the practical part of the training in order to learn live.

Training Quality: Training quality plays major role in this whole, students should know the strangth of the students in a particular batch, about the trainer, Projects etc before joining any training session on Embedded System and Robotics. If you get a chance to join in the R&D based training sessions look for the content and than take any decision about it.

Referrals: Students can ask to their Seniors, Friends and Family Members or anyone who has joined training earlier about the Training quality of the Institutes and their Learning.

After The Training Services: After the training what services are being offered by the institute, whether students get proper attention, and if they want to clarify any of the doubts in future, how to approach the institute etc. These are quiet minute things but plays important role in the whole training sessions.

Brand Name of the Institute: If students get a chance to join their training sessions which is working into the same segment, will get more exposure than other institutes. Students should prefer those Companies which deals in the Embedded Technology because it will give them more understand about the learning and its implementations.

Industries Where Students can make their Career after the training:
Few industries where students can seek for their career after a successful training in Embedded System and Robotics are as:
Automobile and Transportation
Electronics and Consumer Devices and Industrial Automation and Process Control.

i3indya Technologies has observed and anlaysed all the pros and cons from the students point of view and tried to eradicate such issues and problems in their Training programs. We designed the training module with the following features:

R&D based training Module
Practical and Live Exposure (39 Practical, 22 Minor Practicals and 4 Major Projects)
One to One Interaction
Highly Experienced Faculty who got experience in the Same technology.
Self-Made Robotics Kit
Best Training Content
After the training, Doubts and discussion Session with the trainers.
23 Centers all across India.
Trained Students of IITs and NITs throughout.
Conducted various Sessions on Embedded System and robotics, in Association with IITs.
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Welcome to Collegelib forums and thank you for sharing this information with us. Can you please explain us, which are the locations across India your training centers located?