Nanomachines research seminar report, abstract

Nanomachines, an introduction
Nanomachines, as the word indicates, refers to microscopic machines. This is a nascent field in the world of engineering. Today we will look at three aspects- the basics, the applications and the hurdles.

Basics:- The world of nanotechnology , is a world filled with machines which vary between the width of ten atoms to a few molecules. Scientists and engineers have been experimenting with this technology to develop the next generation of robots or automated machines. Their aim is to use these machines in every aspect of our lives, in order to improve the quality of life.

Applications:- Imagine the hurdles faced by engineers when they have to face rocky and inhospitable terrains to build and repair bridges. Nanomachines can easily be deployed to build in these situations. Similarly, doctors have to resort to risky operations to access hard to reach places in the human body. Instead, they can inject nanomachines to reach the diseased organ and inject the medicine directly without using any risky procedures. The technology world depends solely on chips and transistors. Nanomachines can be used to make the next generation of faster chips and transistors.

Hurdles:- The size of these machines poses the biggest hurdles when it comes to making them. Scientists and Engineers have to use complex machines to build these nanomachines. Hence issues like power supply, biodegradability as well as sturdiness has to be addressed while building them. The biggest hurdle is that Nanomachines cannot be produced in bulk , thus making them very expensive to use and make.

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