Memristor seminar report, abstract

An introduction to Memristor
Memristors stores and process data at the same time, in a 3D Fashion heaped on top of one another and its functionality is much smaller than a transistor. In a couple of years the advancement may increase the memory and power of computers to unbelievable extent.

Memristors advanced over transistors in three different ways:
  • First, the same device was permitted to dole out as the memory and processor. In todays world computer need distinct devices for memory like solid state flash memory and for processing like computer chip. A memristor system would work much faster and with much faster energy than a normal traditional computer by eradicating the communication time and energy between those distinct parts of hardware.
  • Second, a mechanics called Quantum mechanics restricts how small transistors can be. It will agree to computer chips to prolong getting smaller.
  • Memristors can develop three dimensional networks in contrast to transistors which works only one dimensionally. The fact is that the 3D network capability of Memristors is so thoughtful that this technology may facilitate the conception of electronic brains. Though, with Memristors allowing chip development for several years past where transistors would have strike their physical restriction, the true value of this vast advancement may not be comprehended for years to come.

We prepared and published this seminar abstract for final year engineering students seminar research. You should do your own research additional to this information before presenting your seminar.
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