Maglev Levitation Trains, an advanced train technology seminar topics abstract

Fast Maglev Trains
Maglev trains are the new and advanced trains found in many developed countries. Maglev is a combination of two words: magnetic and levitation. These Maglev trains make use of magnets instead of wheels for transportation. This makes them faster than conventional trains. These trains are levitated for a short distance. Magnets are used for propulsion and lift. This is a revolutionary method which is very effective. Trains of this type are the fastest of all. These trains make less noise and are not affected by factors like friction and traction. They are also not affected by the weather. Hence, Maglev trains are dependable.

Technology Used In Maglev Trains
There are two major types of maglev technology. These are: electromagnetic suspension and electrodynamic suspension. In electromagnetic suspension electromagnets attract itself to the track. This track is magnetically conductive. The electromagnets are electronically controlled. In electrodynamic suspension, superconducting electromagnets create a magnetic field. This gives rise to an electric current in the electric conductors nearby. This pushes the train to the desired levitation. There is another technology by the name of magnetodynamic suspension. This technology is not used, but is proven to work. There are many other technologies which are being researched.

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