Kirlian photography Seminar report, abstract.

Kirlian photography is a technique used in photography. Named after Semyon Kirlian, it is used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It was a discovery made from an accident that if a high voltage source is in connection with an object kept on a photographic plate, an image will form on the photographic plate. This technique has several names, such as electro photography and gas discharge visualization (GDV) among others. Kirlian photography has been an interesting subject of research. It has also been co-opted by highly speculative research by scientists who give paranormal health claims in books, magazines and their workshops.

To take a photograph of an object by this technique place the object directly on the top of a photographic film. Then apply high voltage for a moment on the plate on which the photographic film is lying. In this way, the film will capture the exposure created due to the corona discharge between the object and the high voltage source. This technique does not require any camera or lens because it is contact print photography. Visual artists use this type of photography to produce images on subjects like plants and nature. Kirlian felt that these photographs might have something to do with aura- a hypothetical energy field, thought by some to surround living things.

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