ID3 Metadata (Related to tagging music technology) Technical Seminar Report Abstract

Introduction to ID3 Metadata technology
ID3 is a metadata container is mostly used in regards with MP3 system of audio. You will be able to store all the information regarding an audio or song can be stored using ID3 metadata technology. ID3 has never been officially owned by any organization. It does not possess any approval either, though the technology has been used by users widely across the world. There are two different versions of this ID3 metadata technology i.e. ID3v1 and ID3v2. After the invention of MP3 the only issue that people have started to experience that they cannot save the information of audio files in it.

In i996 ID3v1 was developed and used to store a small amount of data. After a couple of years a group of people invented the new version of ID3 that is ID3v2. It helps people to experience the audio streaming of the file. ID3v2 is also consisted with several different tags for different types of data. The invention of this technology rather container has been very popular since its invention. The interesting part of this invention is the multiple tags of ID3. The tags are very flexible and can be edited if required. The technology has been used only in MP3 formats, but the tags are independent and should be reusable.

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