Head and Neck Support (HANS) Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Head and Neck Support (HANS)
We often come across serious driving circumstances. We must use proper safety systems to prevent any possible injury. While you speed there is a chance of some sudden casualty. Driving fast can sometimes lead to serious head injuries in the case of an accident. The HANS equipment is a safety mechanism obligatory in many racing sports. The keyword HANS actually stands for Head and Neck Support system. This equipment is used by both car and bike racers. This mechanism reduces any danger and hence any probability of any neck or serious head injury. Sometimes it also reduces the risk and probability of typical skull or bone fracture.

The Head and Neck Support system is usually made up of hard carbon fiber substituent. The HANS system has a U structured shape. The back of the HANS is usually configured and pointed behind the nape of the check. The head and neck safety device is attached to the helmet on the head and its arms are attached to your chest muscles. This ensures safety when your vehicle suddenly goes through a stiff condition and bad damage. The HANS device is completely attached to the body of the driver instead the seat of the vehicle. So it ensures perfect safety even if the driver gets a strong jerk in the accident.

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