Green Engine Seminar report, abstract

Green engine, an introduction
Green engine the name itself reveals it is well suited for the atmosphere and it is pollution free. It has many unique features. And it has high efficiency compared to the other type of engines. Pollution is the major problem nowadays, which is eradicated by using the green engine. It is an 6 phase internal combustion engine, and it also has the important characteristic such as zero emission, noise free, lower cost.

Green Engine has six phases
  • Intake
  • Compression
  • Mixing
  • Combustion
  • Power
  • Exhaust

It has unique features like a direct air intake which doesnt have the inlet pipe and it has the strong swirling. It also has the features such as a sequential variable compression ratio, Super Air-Fuel mixing, lower surface to volume ratio, controllable combustion time, constant volume combustion, multi power pulses, high working temperature, high expansion ratio, self adapting sealing system, vibration free, modular design, limited parts and small size. It has the internal combustion engine which gives a higher expansion ratio

Advantages of Green Engine
  • Small size and light weight
  • Limited parts
  • High efficiency
  • Multi fuels
  • Zero emissions
  • Quietness and low temperature
  • Fast accelerator response
  • Smooth operation
  • Ideal to hydrogen fuels
  • Highly reliable
  • Low cost

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