Fractal Robots seminar report, abstract

Introduction to Fractal Robots
A brand new concept in the world of technology is shape shifting robots or Fractal robots. Fractal robots are objects designed using cubic bricks. A computer program is used to operate these robots. The cubic bricks are fitted with a motor . They can be commanded to perform different functions and can be used in a variety of fields. The basis of this technology is the method used to control matter digitally. The cubic bricks are called a Robotic cube. The size of these cubes is between one thousand atoms to ten thousand atoms. All these cubes have a computerized chip , which can be fed in with specific commands.

Areas of our lives , like the field of construction, the medical field, the military field and the research field, can use Fractal robots effectively. These robots can shorten the time needed to build a house, they can be used to conduct risky surgeries , they can test the effect of medicines on contagious diseases and they can also be used to test the new defense technology. All these functions can be done with minimum human intervention. Also these robots can repair themselves and thus can continue the programmed work without stopping.

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