Forums or Blogs

Do you prefer the use of forums or blogs? Both options allow you to have members or subscribers and ways for them to post articles. What types of forums/blogs do you like?

Personally, for having members and such I prefer forums. It makes for a bigger variety of topics and discussions to choose from where as blogs are usually related to specific topics. I like to visit graphic design related forums and blogs as well as creative writing ones. I personally have my own blog where I feature my graphic work as well as creative writing and tutorials on graphic design.
I love forums. Forums vs Bolgs are like "We" and "I". In my view, "We" is always better and powerful than "I" to collaborate ideas effectively. I am a very active user in many forums of my interests, rarely read any blog.
Anyone here are interested to create a forum or blog for yourself or educational projects? We are ready to help you, please reply here