Floating solar chimney technology, effective utilization of the sun power

Effective Utilization of The Sun power
A Revolutionary Concept
Floating solar chimney technology is a brilliant concept of low price solar power technology. It uses the concepts of physics and mathematics to achieve this goal. Using this technology, solar power can be used in an effective way. Usually, it is seen that sunpower is difficult and expensive to utilize in devices and systems. Floating solar chimney technology aims to change this. These solar power plants are also known as solar updraft towers. They make use of solar power plants to convert solar energy to electrical energy. This can be further utilized for various purposes.

Solar Updraft Tower
This is a renewable energy power plant. It has wide roof collector. It is arranged in a way that sun rays fall on it for a long time. This causes the air beneath the roof to heat. The hot air then moves in the upward direction. This takes place due to the chimney effect. This causes the movement of the turbines. This movement in turn generates electricity. In this way the change from solar energy to electrical energy is achieved. This can be very useful for electrical energy generation. Since solar energy is available in plenty, one can make ample usage for various purposes.

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