Femtocell Seminar Report, Abstract

An introduction to Femtocell the Base Cellular Station

Femtocell is a low power, small base station in telecommunications. This cellular station is generally used for small businesses or home purposes. Femtocell is known as small cell in telecommunication industry. This base station uses connections like DSL or cable broadband to connect to other networks. The current network design of femtocell is capable of supporting not more than four cell phone devices in a residential setting. In case a non residential setting the femtocell is capable of providing support to not more than 16 mobile phones. The advantage of using femtocell is widespread.

It allows service providers to spread their services in remote areas where access is limited. A mobile operator would always love to use the femtocell because it will enhance the quality of service by large extend and the capacity will also increase. This cellular base station is very good to use in indoors. The consumers also get loads of benefits. The voice quality and network coverage become very good. In telecommunications femtocell has showed an alternative way to give away benefits of fixed mobile convergence. The only limitation to provide FMC services is that in case of femtocell a licensed spectrum is required for usage. Generally in the FMC architecture unlicensed spectrum is used.

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