Wireless Body Area Networks Technology seminar report, abstract

Healthcare By Using The Wireless Body Area Network Technology (WBAN technology)

Abstract of WBAN Technology
Technological development is beyond the limit, and its step to the Medical science is visible to all. WBAN that means Wireless body area network is a constant miniaturization of the patient that provides better health care. Wireless medical communication is enhanced abruptly because it assists people while working too. These wireless network uses several sensors attached over the body or clothes and even under the skin too. Through this device, the medical person is able to get real time feedback and health monitoring, that helps to understand the present condition of the patients. Wireless technology and system integration in body area networks are widely used in human health related applications.

Monitoring Techniques
The patients possess actuators that work as a drug delivery system for these devices, when the sensors are noticed immediately one can start treatment or trigger medicine by which conditions can be under controlled.

WBAN System Architecture / IEEE 802.15 Architecture
WBAN architecture is divided into three modules. The lower level possesses a set of intelligent nodes or sensors. The second level of architecture possesses personal server that acts as an internet enabled PDA. The third level is encompassed with remote sensor through networks and it helps in transforming information. Its features are highly helpful for medical science and now it is preferred by several people who are involved in the medical field.

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