Double pipe heat exchanger (pipe in pipe heat exchanger calculation) Technology

What is Double Pipe Heat Exchangers?
Heat Exchangers are devices used to transfer heat from one place to another. They perform the very important task of transferring heat and preventing the temperature to rise. This in turn prevents any harm to the surrounding. Hence, heat exchangers are very important in factories. The double pipe exchanger is a well known type of heat exchanger. They are very simple in design. They are also very effective in operation. These heat exchangers are cheap and easy to maintain. This is the reason double pipe heat exchangers are found in many small industries.

Design and Working
Double pipe heat exchangers consist of two pipes with one inside the other. The size of the pipes is determined after calculating the heat exchanger surface area. The flow of fluid can be either parallel or counter. One fluid flows inside the inner pipe and the other flows through the space between the two pipes. To make the unit compact, the two pipes are doubles back at several times. This also gives the system design advantages. The pipe sizes and the number of bends to the pipes can be determined by the log mean temperature difference and heat transfer coefficient.


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