Demolition of Building Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Demolition of Building
On occasions we need to upgrade the old structures. Every construction has a life. Over the life of the building is complete it must get demolished or otherwise it can collapse any moment. The normal atmospheric changes and climate change deteriorate the life of a building. Usually building demolition is executed by a team of experts usually civil engineers and explosive experts. If the structure is a small one then it can be manually demolished. In the case of an earthquake these structures are highly prone to a stern damage and critical loss of life. We must demolish the unsuitable structures to ensure our safety in the case of any possible natural disasters.

A multi story structure there is one or more floors with windows. Usually these structures are mostly designed with pillars. If the building is multi story then usually dynamite is preferred to demolish the complete structure. Specific points are identified in the building where the explosives are supposed to be planted. The major emphasis is on the key shear points which can collapse the building with the use of minimal explosives. The dynamite is placed at the foundation of the building and places where large pillars exist. The dynamite is triggered remotely by the explosive expert.

We prepared and published this seminar abstract for final year engineering students seminar research. You should do your own research additional to this information before presenting your seminar.
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