Car plane hybrid (Roadable aircraft/Airplane engine/Ultralight Aircraft) Technology

What is a flying car?
For many years, people have been wondering about the possibility of flying cars. Flying cars are also known as Road-able aircraft. This vehicle combines the ability of flying and moving on land. This makes the vehicle interesting and useful. Most flying cars fall in one out of two main categories. These are: modular and integrated. The modular model consists of few parts which enable it to fly. These parts can be detached and kept away when they are not in use. In case of integrated mode. All the parts from one unit and they are not detachable.

Flying cars in 2015
There have been many examples of flying cars in the recent times. Being a new concept, people try to come up with efficient and successful flying cars. Some of these models are flying while some are partially flying. The partially flying cars fly at a low height and cannot be in the air for too long. The iCar 101 project is one of the most popular flying car concept. It made use of rotors to make the car compact and also to make it fly. This helped the car to a great extent. There are still many possibilities to make a flying car.

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