Artificial Eye

Artificial Eye is a prosthetic device resembling the anterior surface of a normal eyeball. It is placed under the upper and lower eyelid of an eye that has been removed.

A ready-made or custom-made prosthesis of glass or plastic shaped and colored to resemble the anterior portion of a normal eye and used for cosmetic reasons.
It is attached to the anterior portion of an orbital implant which is placed in the socket of an eviscerated eye.

For taking a seminar or preparing a complete report on Artificial Eye, you might need to collect various information on the following points:

The visual system
The 3 coats of eyeball.
How refraction or bending of light rays are utilized
The optic nerve, which transmits the nerve impulses from the retina to the visual center of the brain.
The Bionic eye system
The risk of things going wrong with artificial eye surgery.
Retinitis pigmentation (RP) and Age related Macular Degeneration -AMD

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