6 Stroke Engine Animation and Concepts (Internal combustion engine animation)

Understanding Six Stroke Engine Concept
Six Stroke Engine is a type of combustion engine. It is derived from the four stroke engine. Six stroke engine has better efficiency and reduced emissions. This is the reason why six stroke engine is the most used. It is the best form of combustion engines. You will see this engine in a wide range of vehicles. There are two major types of six stroke engines. These differ in their approaches. The first type is known as piston design while the second type is known as opposite piston design.

Details Regarding The Two Approaches
In the piston design approach, the engine powers the piston in the cylinder of the vehicle. The power is given to the engine by the heat lost from the four stroke diesel cycle. This is a basic concept which is also powerful. The pistons go up and down for three times for each fuel injection. To add additional power, the design uses air or steam. This gives the essential extra push. In the second approach, there is another piston that moves half the cycle rate of the main piston. This second piston is known as opposed piston. There have been many variations in the designs of both these approaches.

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